As most of you can probably tell, this site has gone (is going) through a major re-design. The orignal site was well past its prime. I decided that it need some updating and I wanted to use some of what I have learned over the past couple years. (Yes, the previous version was a couple years old!) I will probably incorporate the blog sometime in the near future but for now it will remain as it is.

So what has been updated?

Layout and Design
Well, the most obvious is the design and layout. I... (more)

The site re-write is coming along nicely. I have been working with AnM Development on this site for the past few years. We worked together to create both (TWV) and (HOW). TWV caters to brides searching for vendors such as florists, djs, and stylists while (HOW) is a site where a couple can create a wedding anouncement site.

Originally the idea was to get cross traffic between the two sites but the company has decided that the two would work better as a single... (more)